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Terms and Conditions

(aka The Fine-ish Print)


All Barnston Boxes will be made available to customers and subscribers on Thursdays, either for pick-up at one of our local hubs, or by delivery for a gratuity of $6 per transaction. Your order must be placed by no later than 11:59 p.m. on Saturday night, for you to receive your Barnston Boxes on the subsequent Thursday.

We will NOT fill any orders made within the same week. There are no exceptions.


You will be billed for a full 30 or 90 day term you have selected upon sign-up, then either every 30 or 90 days after that, depending on which Barnston Box subscriptions you have opted for.

You will have until the end of your current 30 or 90 day term to change or cancel your Barnston Box subscriptions. If you do not change or cancel your Barnston Box subscriptions before the period of your current term has elapsed, you will be billed for the next term at the same price, and you will continue to receive your previously selected Barnston Boxes.

You will not be refunded any charges or payments you have made once your 30 or 90 day term has begun. You will continue to receive your selected Barnston Boxes for the duration of the term of your subscription, until such time as you should wish to change or cancel your subscription for the next billing period.

Your subscription cost will remain unchanged from the advertised price at the time and date at which you subscribed, for the duration of your ongoing subscription. If you change or interrupt your subscriptions, you will be charged the current advertised price for any new or changed subscriptions upon the start of your new billing cycle.


If you have opted to pick up your Barnston Boxes from one of our pick-up locations, you will be responsible for claiming your Barnston Boxes at the time and place that we have prescribed to you. All Barnston Boxes that are unclaimed after 24 hours (without prior notice being given or prior arrangement having been made with us and/or our hub partners) will have their contents donated to the charities of our choosing., without any refund or notice provided.


We will not offer any cash or credit card refunds for purchased or subscribed Barnston Boxes. We will only offer credits for a future Barnston Box purchase if there you report a problem with your Barnston Box produce within the first 24 hours of your having received it. Any and all claims for credits or reimbursements must be made through written notice, and must be supported by photographic or video evidence of poor product quality, which will be requested for verification by a representative from Barnston Island Herbs. No claims made outside the aforementioned 24 hour period shall be considered or honoured by Barnston Island Herbs.

You understand that all fruit and vegetables are perishable items and should be kept in either a refrigerated unit or a cool, dry place. Your failure to do so may result in the contents of your Barnston Box expiring sooner than expected, and will nullify any potential claimed credits or reimbursements you may wish to request from Barnston Island Herbs.

If you have any questions about Barnston Boxes or subscriptions, or if you find something wrong with the contents of your Barnston Boxes within the first 24 hours that you have received it, please contact us directly.